About us

Sir Walter St John’s Educational Charity is a grant-giving charitable trust.  Its object is to promote the education and training (including social and physical training) of young people under 25 who live in the Boroughs of Wandsworth or Lambeth.  Preference is given to supporting children and young people who live in the area of the former Metropolitan Borough of Battersea.

The present Charity operates in accordance with a Scheme approved by the Charity Commission on 28 February 1992, as amended on 13 October 2004.  The Charity’s Scheme states that the body of Trustees shall consist of 18 persons: the Vicar of St Mary’s Battersea; five Trustees nominated by Wandsworth Borough Council; two Trustees nominated by Lambeth Council; one Trustee nominated by the Sinjuns Association; and nine Co-opted Trustees appointed for terms of three years.

The Charity’s assets comprise:

1. Its investments, managed by Cazenove Capital Management.

2. The former school playing field situated on the corner of Trinity Road and Burntwood Lane. Since October 1996, the field has been managed by the Trinity Fields Trust, which holds it on a 25-year lease at a peppercorn rent.

3. Miscellaneous chattels, including the foundation deed of the Trust and portraits of Sir Walter and Lady Johanna St John, on display at Lydiard House, Swindon.

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